The Packhouse

c.1809 British Birds in Light Round Frames (44 x 44 cm)

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Style: Collection of Two

This delightful collection of round prints reawakens a series of exquisitely detailed British natural history illustrations from the early 19th century. Featuring a pheasant, crane, bee eater, kingfisher, purple heron and peacock, the collection makes an eye-catching gallery wall filled with colour and interest.

We digitally restore and enhance these charming illustrations here in our studio in Lancashire, and they’re hand cut, printed and assembled in Britain to create pictures of distinction with minimal carbon footprint. We print them using archival grade methods for the finest quality and durability, and finish them by mounting them in custom-made round frames made from sustainable wood ready for you to hang.

Additional Details:

  • Light Round Frames
  • 44 x 44 cm