Klimchi Jug


**Click & Collect Only** (due to delicate nature of the products)

**Please call 01252 781010 regarding colours available**

KLIMCHI is a collective of Bohemian designers and glassmakers who love to create exceptional glassware for exceptional experiences.

All KLIMCHI glassware is hand-produced in a small city of Kamenicky Senov. The city has become the cradle of world-renowned glass manufacturing and design over the centuries. Bohemian glass ensures a hallmark of quality, glass artisanship which is hard to be found anywhere else.
The history of the glassmaking, and the KLIMCHI factory starts in the 16th century when local people strived for other means of livelihood to secure their families due to the lack of farming opportunities in the country filled with rocks and forests. They logically experimented with glass which subsequently transformed the face of the region throughout the following centuries. The craft of local people advanced and the place gained its fame for the high level of quality of production.

Working only with fine Bohemian glass to achieve a superior quality of our products.

All products are handmade with love and care.

Available to view In-store @Packhouse


Please ring 01252 781010 for more details.


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