Stoneglow Candle Tumblers


Burn time 40 hours

Dimensions - 9 x 8 cm

Wax Weight - 220 gm

Wax Type - Mineral

With over 30 years experience in designing and creating handmade candles, Stoneglow  have become the natural choice for high quality home fragrance. 

The Stoneglow team of candle makers are specially trained and highly skilled craftsmen and women. Dedicated and enthusiastic, each member is an expert in their field with years of experience.

Stoneglow have uncompromising standards meaning that any of their products you buy are of the highest quality. Each candle is hand-finished, creating the perfect home fragrance experience. They are rigorously checked by the candle makers.

Stoneglow pride themselves on always sourcing the finest materials. Their perfumers blend these materials into distinctive and original fragrances.

The Stoneglow scented candles are manufactured in the UK.



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