'Love You' LED Text Light Bulbs & Lamp Base (Screw Down)


A light Bulb like no other...

The bright ideas collection, LED filament text bulbs that we designed to bring a unique, ultra-cool style and beautiful light to any home or occasion. We have several designs and colours in the Collection so we are sure you will find something you will LOVE, or that might even make you LAUGH or help you to remember to LIVE life to the full. You may find that the Bright Ideas Collection makes your DREAM HOME feel warm and HAPPY and so sit back and grab a BEER, WINE or GIN and enjoy the beautiful lights.

The Bulbs are a standard E27 Edison screw fitting, they are a 4 Watt and 230V. We use LED filaments for a much longer life span of, 25,000 hours of light. The bulbs are now all dimmable and have IP 20 rating, and a Lumen rating of 80-90lm.

Lamp Base Details
Our B1 and B2 desk lamps are perfect to combine with our newest bulb collection that screw down into the fitting. The B1 is made with real marble stone, and has a glass finish. The B2 is made from concrete and has a matt finish. Both lamps are fitted with a fabric cable and have an inline dimmer switch. 

  • E27 Edison Screw Fitting 
  • Mains Powered  
  • Fabric Mains cable (new)
  • Dimmer switch (new)

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